Pete Hand Cycled a Half Marathon

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We have Raised



This is My Hand Cycling to camp Cruz web site!

This summer Alison and I attended Camp Cruz, a summer camp for kids with arthritis ages 7-16, held by the Arthritis Foundation.  I had never been to a summer camp.  We saw first hand how exciting, emotional, and important camp is to these kids.  So the moment we returned from Camp in Williams, AZ, I knew I had to help fund scholarships to Camp Cruz 2013.  It costs about $1,000 to send one kid to camp for one week of fun, thrills, and camaraderie, so my goal is to send 10 kids to summer camp!

Fundraising GOAL not yet met



I Have Trained

225 miles







My Plan has been achieved!!! My TRAINING GOAL - REACHED!!!
The Phoenix 10K has added a Half marathon division, to their annual event on Sunday, November 4th. 


  For every mile I train, I am one (1) mile closer to Camp Cruz.  Camp is about 180 miles away (without detours).  I reached my goal in miles Training Miles.

Now PLEASE help me in Donations to send at least 10 Kids to Camp.


My training Update    

November 6, 2012

Hey Friends,

I FINISHED!!! and my goal of a sub 8 minute mile average was achieved.  I completed the 13.1 mile race in just 1 hour 32 minutes and 19 seconds.  33rd place overall! out of over 900 racers (I was the only Hand Cyclist)

So Far the donations for Kids to Camp Cruz has been outstanding, raising over 1/3 of our goal.  The race may be over, but we are still accepting donations and would be thrilled to send all 10 kids to Camp. Please Click that DONATE NOW button on the top right of this page!

Watch the video of my entire race, condensed into 4 minutes.!/photo.php?v=4189152800188




  A Special Thank-you to our Sponsors





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